Spiritual writer and Isha Foundation mastermind, Vasudev encourages Jalikattu

Amidst protests in Tamil Nadu over ban on the bull-taming sports Jallikattu, spiritual writer and founder of Isha Foundation Jaggi Vasudev Sadhu today supported the sport, saying it has a traditional significance.

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The yogi, who was attending the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival, argued that the centuries-old sport was conducted to honor animals, and not to carry out any cruelty against them.

“The bull is part of a farmer’s family as it lives with them. Jallikattu celebrates the farmers’ relationship with their livestock,” he told reporters.

The writer, who was at the festival to talk about his book ‘Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy,’ claimed animal rights activists presented the case in the court without understanding the significance of the festival and citing only a few “bad examples.”

“Jallikattu should be seen as a sport. If such celebrations do not take place, the livestock will line up at slaughterhouses,” he said.

Talking about the dangers associated with the sport he said, “Even playing cricket with a leather ball coming at high speed is no less than a missile and too dangerous for the players.

“If the government wants to stop such festivals, they should open stadiums and grounds for people to play sports,” he said.

He also questioned beef export from India, and said the trading would “ruin the agriculture system of the country.”

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