Subramanian Swamy: ‘Triple Talaq is an ‘Immoral’ Practise; shows clear gender discrimination in the religion’

BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said that the triple Talaq is an immoral thing. Commenting on the practise followed by the Muslim Community, Swamy said that the women in the religion is not seen in a equal manner. Stating the practise as a controversial practise, Subramanian Swamy Triple Talaq said that the this practise only states the inequality it creates between men and women in the religion.

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“Can women be treated like this ? That any man can say triple times talaq and it will be allowed. It is totally an immoral thing. It only means that men and women are not equal, which we cannot accept,” Swamy said.

Supreme Court which will be hearing the petitions of both the sides on triple Talaq from Muslim Boards and from petitioners. Swamy said that the immoral practise followed by the Muslim religion is strongly unaccepted by the Constitution of India has it clearly shows the gender inequality and differences that has been practices from a very long time.

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The Apex Court has however denied hearing any debate over te long form of practise and question over Uniform Code of Civil (UCC). After the petition filed by the women who raised the question on practise by the religion on triple Talaq the matter has been passed to the supreme Court.

The All India Muslim Personal Board has however objected on this issue saying that the Court is interfering in the practices of norms in the religion. It also said that the religion will follow whatever is stated for them to do and by changing the norms of the religions by passing laws and order for it will mean damaging their constitutional rights. Earlier too, the AIMB has said that it will be better for the women to be divorced rather than being killed by a man.

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