Sunanda Pushkar was poisoned, no radioactive substance found: AIIMS Report

The Sunanda Pushkar Death Mystery has taken a new turn as the new report from AIIMS doctors came out on Friday. The stories left a question that Sunanda Pushkar death mystery will be resolved soon or not? “AIIMS final report is in, and it is their opinion based on the FBI lab report that there is some element of poisoning in Sunanda Pushkar body, says Delhi police commissioner B.S.Bassi.

On January 2014, during her stay in a five-star hotel, Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in a hotel room; a day after she was involved in a spat with Pakistani journalist Mehak on Twitter over the alleged affair of Congress MP Sashi Tharoor.

sunanda pushkar death mystery turn as aiims doctor presented new report

Will act after examining 2nd AIIMS report of Sunanda Pushkar: Delhi Police Chief Bassi

On the matter, Delhi Police chief Bassi said that “The FBI says that there was no radioactive substance found. Sunanda Pushkar’s death was due to poisoning”. The statement clashes with the earlier reports claiming that the death was due to radioactive poisoning. Bassi came down to that conclusion as the samples given for the investigation did not contain any dangerous substance. However, the possibility of Sunanda’s death due to poisoning is not ruled out.

According to the Delhi Police Chief Bassi, the department submitted all the evidence to the medical staff, and from their observation on the evidence, they have to send a report to the police department. The report contains 11 pages and additionally contains 32 pages annexures that are yet to be reviewed by the police department. He also said that before jumping into any conclusion, all the viewpoints must be heard and taken into consideration and the final report will be out soon.

Now that the police department has ruled out the possibility of a natural death, the question that arises here is that somebody else may have a hand in her death.

AIIMS Confirms death due to Poisoning, and report rejects radioactive poisoning

Poisoning is the reason given in the original autopsy report by the AIIMS doctors. But deaths attributable to poisoning does not always mean that it is homicide poisoning there could be other reasons as well.

The case having many twists and turns, finally, the police registered the case as murder and are investigating the case as of murder case after they found that the death was due to poisoning.

So the primary focus of police would be on the elements that were the reason of Sunanda Pushkar death.

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