Sunny Leone interview proves that she’s a brave artist with a calm mind – Bhupendra Chaubey

Sunny Leone curiosity among people has made her the India’s most googled person of 2015. Sunny Leone is once again in the news not because of her upcoming release ‘Mastizaade’ but due to her brave replies in an interview with Bhupendra Chaube. The story of the Sunny Leone is one of the best examples of the hypocrisy existing in our society. Here we have scripted the whole interview, have a read and judge yourself.

sunny leone interview which took internet with strom with cnn ibn host bhupendra chaubey
Sunny Leone interview which took the internet by storm with CNN-IBN host Bhupendra Chaubey

Sunny Leone Grilled Interview Session and her Brave and Calm replies

[Interviewer: Bhupendra Chaubey] From Karanjit Kaur to Sunny Leone, Quiet a long journey you have in your life Sunny. I’m calling you Sunny, not Karanjit….

[Sunny Leone] It’s fine you can call me Sunny

[Interviewer] Is there someone who calls you Karanjit?

[Sunny Leone] few people in my life do, in those my closest friends, husband and my brother.

[Interviewer] Do your family members still call you as Karanjit and not sunny

[Sunny Leone] They call me Karen

[Interviewer] Is it Karanjit or KarenJit?

[Sunny leone] It’s Karanjeet

[Interviewer] The reason why I’m asking these questions is that, before coming for this interview, I did some research, and I read all kind of global articles written about you. By large, it seems to me that the world is celebrating the success that you have got. So, thought I would begin this interview by asking you….

Question 1: Tell me one thing which you regret….One thing which you believe went wrong for you? What would that be personally or professionally??

Sunny Leone: There is one regret in my life, and that is when my mother passed away I didn’t get home fast enough, those types of regrets I have, I don’t have any professionally regret….I made mistakes just like anybody has due to some wrong decisions, but I have learned from those bad decisions and mistakes.

Question 2: What kind of mistake would you made, personally or professionally??

Sunny Leone: When I entered Bollywood, It was a culture shock for me because it’s a different world. Everything happens, there is so much chaos, and somehow all those chaos is “organized chaos,” and everybody knows that everything is going to be okay, but I’m the one who is worried which ends up as not working in my favor, by the way.

Question 3: Does Sunny Leone get upset with negative comments?

Sunny Leone: I’m a human being and a woman too. Yes, I get angry, but I don’t show anybody that I’m upset.

Question 4: How Sunny Leone deals with the nastiness of people?

Sunny Leone: I don’t give people gratification of knowing that they upset me, ever.

Question 5: Correct me if I’m wrong, Kapil Sharma has said that he was not too comfortable shooting with you on his show because he thought he has family audiences and Sunny Leone don’t fit into that description of family audiences, Is this true?

Sunny Leone: I have no idea because I’ve been on the show multiple times. I’m happy that to become a part of the show. I’m sure if he had an issue I wouldn’t be on his show multiple times.

Question 6: I saw a quote from the director of your film ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ where he said that he went to a lot of big stars to perform with you on this movie, but nobody wanted to….Did that make you feel bad? How does Sunny Leone deal with inhibitions of actors with her?

Sunny Leone: I don’t care about anybody else’s inhibitions or insecurities, and it doesn’t affect my life at all. I work each and every single day, and I’m triumphal for that.

Question 7: Do you think Aamir Khan would have ever worked with you?

Sunny Leone: Probably not, I think Aamir Khan will not work with me because of my past, but I would love to work with Aamir Khan, I am his big fan, and I dream like any other actor.

Question 8: Does your past blocking her growth in Bollywood?

Sunny Leone: Maybe one day I will get to work with a big Bollywood star, but at this moment I don’t know any better.

Question: 9 Has Sunny put her past behind her?

Sunny Leone: ‘Everything I’ve done in my life has led me to where I am,’ so it’s a chain reaction that happens, everything is a stepping stone to something bigger or better, that’s what life is all about. I don’t regret my past at all.

Question 10: Pardon me if I’m in anyways being offensive, what do you think regarding growing up to be a porn star?

Sunny Leone: No one wants to be a porn star. I also did not aspire to be one. ‘I did not find porn to be vulgar, and I found the girls beautiful and sexy.’

Questions 11: How does Sunny deal with criticism from even politicians? As some politicians say, do you feel that you are responsible for corrupting Indian minds and morality? Are these kinds of comments bother you, how do you deal with them?

Sunny Leone: I think I’m happy to be part of political speech, you want to think of me all day, you want to put me in speeches and you want to blame me for things, I believe that it’s that person choice.

Question 12: Does Politics excite you?

Sunny Leone: No, Politics does not interest me at all, and I think that nobody wants to hear me talking about my political views.

Question 13: Do Indian women perceive sunny leone to be a threat?

Sunny Leone: My husband is hot and sexy. I do not want anyone’s husband. I believe that every man and wife should have a beautiful & healthy relationship and at the end of the day, I should not matter in their world.

Question 14: Tell me something about your film Mastizaade?

Sunny Leone: It’s a love story about two boys and two girls who want to be together. It’s an adult comedy and contains lots of adult humor but no sex at all in the movie

Question 15: Does Sunny view Indian policymakers or society as a bunch of hypocrites?

Sunny Leone: There are hypocrites everywhere in the world.

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Question 16: People talk nasty about you yet Google you, what’s your take?

Sunny Leone: There must be some individuals who are going to hate you no matter where you are in life; I do not get affected by negativity.

Question 17: How do you look at Pehlaj Nehlani, the censor board chief; Censoring kissing scene from a Bond film, isn’t it hypocrisy?

Sunny Leone: It’s his thought, deleting a kissing scene is censor board’s decision, and I’m no one to comment.

Question 18: Is Sunny association with porn is her only identity? You are not an actor, and you are doing nothing else but lowering the level of fine art of cinema?

Sunny Leone: I already said that I’m working every day, My three movies will release this year. Anyone’s opinion about me does not affect me at all, and I don’t care.

Question 19: Is Sunny’s association with Bollywood only about money?

Sunny Leone: This is not about money; this is something I always wanted to do, I am passionate about Bollywood and my work. At the end of the day, it is all business we all work because we want to feed our families.

Question 20: Do you look yourself as an artist? Does Sunny look at herself as an item girl?

Sunny Leone: I look at myself as an entertainer, this term ‘Item Girl’ is new to me, only heard it in Bollywood. I look at acting as a dangerous profession. Physical appearance is as important as acting talent.

Question 21: People who have been watching porn in India have also in a proportionate manner increased substantially to the extent that we’re now the world’s largest consumer of porn; is there any correlation with the rise of porn in India and Sunny?

Sunny Leone: I am not responsible for the rise of porn viewing in India. I didn’t create that.

Question 22: What kind of movies does Sunny want to be associated? Which part of a film attracts Sunny Leone?

Sunny Leone: I want to work in movies which have great stories my next movie is totally opposite of ‘Mastizaade.’ It’s always the script which attracts me to take up a film, and I read every single script that comes to me.

Question 23: How do you want the viewers to look at you?

Sunny Leone: I want the viewers to look with their perspective; however they feel like Sunny Leone, they are going to see it, there is no way that I can change their mind and say that I am a real person, not what media makes me out to be.

Sunny Leone emotional after the Interview, Posted a video

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support and all the love that you have been giving me over the last couple of days. I won’t be here without your love, thanks for giving me this much love and I just want to give you all the love in the world back.

Bhupendra Chaubey defends the interview by Saying – It was surprising to me that Sunny took all those uncomfortable questions

During a recent interview, Sunny Leone grilled by asking some tough question by the host Bhupendra Chaubey. After the interview, on being asked by the host about the whole experience of the interview, he said: It was surprising to me; I thought that maybe halfway through the interview Sunny might just believe that this was getting too comfortable. You will see the questions which I put to her about her past, present and the manner in which the censor board probably has looked at her. Sunny Leone answers those questions very calmly, and according to me, she is a brave artist of Bollywood.

He also added that not every interview has to be an interrogation. After the interview, Sunny told me that she felt bit offended by the style of my direct questioning.

Watch Sunny Leone Interview with Bhupendra Chaubey – The Hot Seat


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