Sushant Singh Rajpit- Kirti Sanon have ended their secret affair due to Sushant’s Casanova nature!!

Bollywood is known for its secret affairs and steamy gossips about love and relationship. Off late MS Dhoni star, Sushant Singh Rajput and Dilwale actress Kirti Sanon was linked up to their secret and steamy relationship. The couple has never come out in the open about their relationship and has always said they are excellent friends. But now a shocking news has stunned everyone about Sushant Singh Rajput Kirti Sanon relationship.

sushant singh rajput kirti sanon relationship

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kirti Sanon is said to have parted ways! The couple who met on the sets of Raabta, which is their first film together. Sushant and Kirti came closer during their shoots, and it was a crucial time for Sushant as he just came out from a relationship with his girlfriend for seven years Ankita Lokhande. Also, Kirti too had started her career in the industry found warmth with each other.

sushant kirti

But now according to sources, Kirti and Sushant has ended their relation. Both are seen avoiding each other and also have stopped going out together. The main reason was the lack of understanding between them and Sushant’s flirty nature with other women. And we don’t expect any statement from them because they have never confirmed about their relationship. Recently, Sushant Singh marked his presence in Karan Johar’s Valentine’s Day Party ‘Singles Party.’

sushant singh kirti sanon

It will be fascinating to see how the past couple behave when they promote their upcoming film Raabta. We do understand it will be difficult, but they do have to maintain professionalism. Let’s see how real professionalism Kirti and Sushant maintain.

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