Sushma Swaraj once again emerged as a helping hand for Indian women trapped in Pakistan

Sushma Swaraj has again emerged as a helping hand for Indian facing trouble outside the nation and this time it’s the border women who have been trapped in Pakistan by her abusive husband. Sushma Swaraj latest news includes a series of tweets made by Swaraj after she received YouTube SOS from Shri Mohammad Akbar whose Daughter Mohammadi Begum was married to a Pakistani who has held him captive in his house.

sushma swaraj latest news

Mohammadi Begum is an Indian national from Hyderabad, who was married to Muhammad Younis in 1996. Muhammad Younis lied about his nationality at the time of their marriage telling that h was an Oman national but Begum eventually got to know after their marriage that Younis was a Pakistani national. He also misbehaved with Begum often and trapped her in his house.

Younis refused Begum’s plea for visiting her house in India citing reasons that She was not allowed to go to Hindustan and all Hindustanis are Hindus. Fearing that Begum will convert to Hindu after visiting India made him trap Begum in his house. Unable to contact her parents, Begum shared a video on YouTube to her parents where she was seen getting harassed by her Husband.

Begum’s Father shared that video to Sushma Swaraj who immediately contacted Indian Embassy in Pakistan. Begum who requested that her Visa should be renewed and also requested help fro Indian Embassy. After around so many years, Begum spoke to her family and stated that Indian Officials had contacted her.

Begum’s passport which expired last year is in the process of renewal. Sushma Swaraj also ensured a safe home return for Begum. Begum’s husband Younis on the other hand, has threatened her that she will not return India alive. Younis is said to have married another woman who is from Pakistan. Begum and Younis have five children which Younis claims to keep with them after she returns India.

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