Suspicious package found at Royal Palace of Brussels

21 dead and 35 injured in the Brussels terror attack. According to the sources, a suspicious packet found near the Royal Palace in the capital of Belgium.

The strike started early this morning with two explosions at the international airport which were reportedly carried out by suicide bombers followed by a metro station near the EU Headquarters. Belgium Federal prosecutor says, at leat one was a suicide attack.

Suspecious package found at Royal Palace of BrusselsBelgium PM Charles Michel said, “what we feared happened; we’re hit by a blind attack and this is a dark moment for our nation, we need calm and solidarity.”

Earlier, there has been two explosions at the Brussels airport departure hall in which several people injured. Brussels airport which handles about 23 million passengers per year, two explosions have been heard after which some smokes seems to be rising from one of the terminal building.

The blast came four days after the capture of Salah Abdesalam who is the main suspect in the Paris attack. Also, there have been reports in the international media that the chief plotter of Paris attack, the man behind the bombing of Paris attack is still on the run.

The visuals which came out of the airport suggest that these could have been the type of heavy explosions. The rail traffic to Brussels airport suspended and there is security lockdown. Moreover, there is complete lockdown at Brussels airport, and no plane are landing at the airport and diverted to the nearest airport.

NATO Secretary General said, “I am deeply saddened by the attacks here in Brussels this morning. My thoughts are with lost, and their loved ones, with all those affected, and with the people of Belgium. It is a cowardly attack. An attack on our values and our open societies, Terrorism will not defeat democracy and take away our freedoms. We’ve decided to increase the alert state at NATO Headquarters. We remain vigilant and continue to monitor the situation carefully.”

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