Swami throws his pee on Bani and Rohan, Bigg Boss throws him out of the house

Finally, the makers of Bigg Boss 10 has thrown Om Swami out of the house. The producers who were turning the blind eye on Om Swami has shown him the way out of the house.

Recently, Om Swami has thrown his pee on fellow contestant Rohan Mehta and Bani J on national television during the captaincy task.

This time Bigg Boss will not ignore the dirty act of Om Swami. According to a source, Om Swami has been thrown out of the house of Bigg Boss for his disgusting act.

All the contestant in the house were quite after the dirty act which was done by Om Swami. Whereas, Bani and Rohan were not able to control themselves for the pathetic act done by Om Swami. But after some time they both were calmed down.

Swami has always gone overboard to be the captain of the house. This time when Swami was close to being the captain, Om Swami had decided to cross all the limits.

Bani and Swami were supposed to make the pyramid with the given block for the captaincy which was announced by Bigg Boss.

In this task, the contestant was given liberty of supporting their favorite candidate for captaincy and topple the block of the

Whereas, the entire house decided to support Bani J in the task of captaincy and throw balls on Om Swami’s blocks.

Other House members stood by Bani and Rohan and had demanded strict action against Om Swami. On this Bigg Boss has taken the decision of throwing Om Swami out of the house.

Whereas, Om Swami refuses to leave the house of Bigg Boss. When the makers of the show failed him to bring out of the house had sent the security force inside the house to bring Om Swami out.

Many times Swami was let to go by Bigg Boss just with mere warnings.

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