Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu’s video on Women’s Day will teach you ‘How to Manage Your Cleavage?’

Swara Bhaskar Taapsee Pannu is known for their highly acclaimed characters in their films both known for tremendous performance in women-centered movies. Swara Bhaskar Taapsee Pannu women’s day video highlighted realistic about women’s problem. From Body shaming to slut shaming, workplace harassment to eve teasing, they have addressed it all in the video.

swara bhaskar taapsee pannu women's day

The video is basically a tutorial on how to manage your Cleavage which makes you understand how much cleavage is good cleavage which shows Swara and Taapsee in black and white mode speaking silently on the cleavage issue. It starts with both of them saying their video will guide you to help bust all the myths about cleavage and they really hand out a tight punch with their dark humor and satire. They start they the day to day life experience which almost every woman faces. Encountering the office boy with his ‘weird looks’ and the manager as ‘Rangeen’, they defiantly hit out the reality at workplace also recommending a high-bone collar neck or a turtle neck that is chin-high, so that you can strangle yourself.

Going on to the gym, Taapsee points out the pressure to lose weight and sweat it out was not enough, there is also the added stress of making sure that one is dressed appropriately. Swara talks about the ‘six-inch deep’ rule and recommends you to ‘watch your assets’ because there are men who will stare. She talks about the irony which they have to go because they go the gym and sweat it out because they have to cover. Then they point out to the situation when women go out in the crowded place in the evening. The humor here is that evening and crowded both are present at the same time. They suggest them Polo-neck with their own safety in their own hands.

They also gave their tips while going to the club by saying they should scarf it up or use shawls from Mom or Nani-Dadi’s. Finally, they talk about the wedding day which says that “Why do you want to create a scandal? You don’t want to start your married life like that.”

The video ends with a gentle but hard-hitting reminder “We are women and we are born with it. If you have it, flaunt it.” They say that what other people think of their bodies is God’s problem, not theirs. They also supported the thought of different types of body type, with some being tight or loose and some being small or big, the idea is to celebrate what you have left the thinking problem to others.

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