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Bani J and Sapna Bhavnani ‘kiss’ each other publicly, Sapna Bhanvavi had earlier disclosed of being a Bisexual!!

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Ex Bigg Boss Contestants Bani J and Sapna Bhavnani are controversial in their respective lives. Both have always turned heads with their controversial statements and comments. Recently both are back in the news and are back together. Celebrity VJ Bani J Sapna Bhavnani, Celebrity Hair Stylist were seen kissing each other on the beach of …

Meet 25-year-old Lopamudra, Know real age of Bigg Boss contestants

lopamudra raut bigg boss contestants real age

Recently, a press conference was organised inside Bigg Boss house. A fierce debate was seen between VJ Bani and Lopamudra Raut during the press conference. Actually, VJ Bani commented on Lopamudra saying, “It seems to me that she is a small baby”. On this Lopaudra said, “She is younger than Bani, so it’s obvious that …