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Mysterious alien signals came from distant dwarf galaxy

mysterious alien signals

Rare, short bursts of ‘alien’ cosmic radio waves that puzzled astronomers since there detection nearly 10 years ago may have originated from a dwarf galaxy more than three billion light years from Earth, scientists including one of Indian origin have found. Fast radio bursts, which flash for just a few milliseconds, created a stir among …

World’s oldest water found, may hold clues to alien life

world oldest water

Scientists have discovered the oldest water samples on Earth that date back to about two billion years and may hold clues to life forms living far beneath the surface of Mars or other alien planets. Researchers have known that water exists far below the ground-water that has been isolated from the water table – unseen …

Earth’s magnetic shield damaged; can cause super solar storms

Earth’s magnetic shield damaged super solar storms

As per a study, recently published in Physical Review Letters, a crack has been detected in the Earth’s magnetic shield because of which enormous cosmic rays enter into the atmosphere and cause gigantic geomagnetic storms. It was GRAPES-3 muon telescope located at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research’s Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Ooty, India, which in …