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What is the difference between ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Cardiac Attack’?

difference between heart attack and cardiac attack

On Sunday night, it was reported that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa suffered ‘cardiac arrest, after which people started calling it “heart attack”, but there is a difference in ‘heart attack’ and ‘cardiac arrest’; and cardiac arrest can be more dangerous than heart attack. Let us understand what is the difference between heart attack and …

Heart patients are more prone to the heat stroke, says study

Scorching Heat could be serious problem for Heart Patients

As soon as summer starts, the temperature reaches its zenith. Due to the scorching heat, people are thinking ten times before leaving their houses. Even their health is preventing them from going outside. Many diseases like restlessness, tiredness, indigestion, loose motion and many others are a typical scene at the peak of summers. Along with …