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Human antibody shields mouse foetuses against Zika

zika virus cuses through aedes mosquito in india

An antibody produced by the human body shielded unborn mice against Zika, a study said today, raising hopes for thwarting the virus known to cause brain damage in human foetuses. The antibody neutralised all known Zika strains in lab experiments, and “markedly reduced” virus levels in infected pregnant mice and their foetuses. “This is the …

Zika Virus outbreaks in 20 countries across the globe

zika virus affected countries and symptoms

Zika is a disease which you probably have never heard of, What is Zika Virus? Why does it matter? What is it’s origin? What are its symptoms? These are some questions which are nowadays headlines of every media outlet. Zika Virus was first isolated from a monkey in Uganda in 1947 (Specifically in Uganda Zika …