Rahul Gandhi joins protest along with Tamil Nadu Farmers, says Narendra Modi is against farmers and poor people

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has joined Tamil Nadu Farmers in their protest in Jantar Mantar today. The farmers from Tamil Nadu have been protesting from past 17th days and on the Tamil Nadu farmers protest latest news is that on 18th day Rahul Gandhi have joined them to demand drought relief packages for them.

tamil nadu farmers protest latest news

Rahul Gandhi is sitting in between the farmers and talking to them about their concerns and problems. In a recent update, the farmers are narrating their stories to the media and Rahul Gandhi is listening them patiently.

According to the recent update, Rahul Gandhi said, “This is injustice to the farmers. Narendra Modi and his government is doing injustice to the farmers. We are fighting for the farmers and now also we are fighting for the farmers but the current government has closed their eyes and ignored the farmers who are sitting here from the past 17 days.”

rahul gandhi tamil nadu farmers

Rahul continued, “Narendra Modi’s government is against the farmers and the poor people of India. During past three years Narendra Modi has relieved Corporate businessmen and billionaires from debts but is ignoring the poor and helpless farmers. We are supporting the farmers here in Delhi and will will support them in Tamil Nadu as well.”

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