Thakurganj Lucknow Encounter: 1 ISIS suspect killed after 11 hours Operation

UP Anti-Terror Squad suspected terrorists in Thakurganj, Lucknow where the operations went for 11 hours to catch the terrorist alive but the Thakurganj Lucknow encounter seized after the terrorist was shot dead. The news of terrorists being house arrested in Lucknow came into light after UP Police tweeted about it. The ATS got information about a suspect who was hiding in a resident of Haji Colony in Thakurganj, Lucknow.

thakurganj lucknow encounter

Around 3 pm, the news came out where a man alleged to be an ISIS member, is hiding in the Haji Colony of Thakurganj. Thakurganj is a densely populated area of Old Lucknow around which the in-numerous residential belts built. After, the whole area was cordoned off. The ATS informed the higher authority, and the operation began with the motive of catching the suspect alive. At first, the squads were using chilly bombs, and not chose to retaliate ferociously to the suspect. Earlier the Police assumed the possibility of being more than one suspect in the house.

The suspect identified as Saifullah is believed to have a hand in Ujjain-Bhopal Blast. The suspect came to light after the CCTV footage scanned and found on the place of the blast and then was seen de-boarding the bus in Lucknow toll bridge. The matter got confirmed after two men got arrested from Kanpur and one man got arrested from Etawah. After being identified, the suspect was hiding in a house owned by a Saudi Arabia-based man named Badshah. Saifullah opened fired when the squads asked them to came out and surrendered. The suspect then started shooting, and the operation took 11 hours to seize him down as the crew wanted to catch him alive. After the suspect had been seized down, the man was confirmed to be an active member of ISIS.

Investigations are still going on about whether he was directly involved in the Ujjain-Bhopal passenger attack or not. The suspect who was linked with ISIS had the motive to create a state of panic during the last phase of polls of UP election 2017. The suspect was also believed to be involved in the Kanpur derailment case where several lives were lost. Further investigations are going on as the other three men arrested from Kanpur and Etawah are being interrogated.

It is now clear that the ISIS has started creating its terror shadow in India and the ATS all across the country should be more active than a high level of security is needed to be covered.

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