4 Vital Tips to Improve Mental Health by Sadhguru

The Coronavirus pandemic has made people become weak not only physically but also mentally. Some of us have been facing intense and rather upsetting circumstances that are associated with the pandemic. The lockdown, however necessary to reduce the spread of the virus, has brought with it the perpetual sense of feeling alienated and lonely, raising anxiety and stress, thereby causing a decline in mental health in individuals of all ages. Henceforth, taking care of mental health has become reasonably vital to help ourselves and the ones we love get through it.

“Essentially, in many ways, this may be a little insulting for people who are suffering at a certain level but when they come out of it, they can see this that all our mental problems on one level, I’m not saying this the entirety, on one level, it’s our inability to handle our own intelligence.”

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Sadhguru in one of his sessions with some mental health experts said that the fundamental cause of mental health deterioration is that individuals think the problem is being created from the outside but they are oblivious to the truth that all human experiences occur from within. Be it pain or pleasure, joy or misery, anxiety or ecstacy, everything happens from within. He said people not knowing how to cope with themselves is what causes mental health issues.

Here are the 4 vital tips to improve the Mental Health prescribed by Sadhguru:

  1. Making use of the body: Sadhguru says people not using the energy generated in one’s body for doing physical activity is the main reason for experiencing mental illness hence he suggests involving any kind of sport or physical activity in one’s daily routine in order to improve mental well being.
  2. Connecting with nature: He says physical and psychological well being can be enhanced if one’s in touch with the elements of nature. A person in touch with nature becomes well balanced within himself.
  3. Eating the right food: He suggests that daily consumption of ash gourd juice helps in keeping the mind clearer and keeps the body in a calm state and daily consumption of honey also enhances physiological and psychological stability.
  4. Keeping the colon clean: Sadhguru says keeping the colon clean plays a vital role in eliminating all kinds of psychological disturbances from the body.

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