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Jio Prime Membership Plan extended, now enjoy Jio Summer Surprise with complimentary services!!

jio summer surprise

Reliance Jio has once again surprised its customers with its new Jio Summer Surprise. Reliance Jio free service of data and Apps was about to end on 31st March after which the members have to pay for the services. But the surprise late night announcement by Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani took everyone by surprise.

jio summer surprise

Jio has extended its Prime Membership plan until 15 April after which service for data and Jio Apps will be charged, but voice calls will be free. After 15 April Jio Prime Membership has again some surprises for you which are three months complimentary data from Jio. Mukesh Ambani said in the announcement that these are one of the many surprises that Jio has planned for its customers.

Ambani added that Jio has become the largest network in the telecom sector in India and is still growing more and more. Ambani said that Jio has created the world’s biggest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network, with over 100,000 mobile towers. He added that the company will add another 100,000 towers to their network in the coming months, and will be investing over Rs 200,000 crores, which is the largest anywhere in the world.

Here are the important points you need to know about Jio Summer Surprise:

  • Free services have extended til 15 April which was going to end on 31 March.
  • Prime Membership will start on 15 April which means the customer has to pay Rs 99 to avail the membership.
  • Apart from paying Rs. 99, the users have to choose a plan of Rs 303 or higher to avail the data and App services.
  • After paying Rs 99 and Rs 303 (or higher) plan, the customer will get three months ‘complimentary service’ for the usage of data and App.
  • This ‘complimentary services’ means that after the customers pay Rs. 99 and Rs 303 (higher), it will get free data and Jio App services for three months, and the tariff will start from July.

Rahul Gandhi joins protest along with Tamil Nadu Farmers, says Narendra Modi is against farmers and poor people

tamil nadu farmers protest latest news

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has joined Tamil Nadu Farmers in their protest in Jantar Mantar today. The farmers from Tamil Nadu have been protesting from past 17th days and on the Tamil Nadu farmers protest latest news is that on 18th day Rahul Gandhi have joined them to demand drought relief packages for them.

tamil nadu farmers protest latest news

Rahul Gandhi is sitting in between the farmers and talking to them about their concerns and problems. In a recent update, the farmers are narrating their stories to the media and Rahul Gandhi is listening them patiently.

According to the recent update, Rahul Gandhi said, “This is injustice to the farmers. Narendra Modi and his government is doing injustice to the farmers. We are fighting for the farmers and now also we are fighting for the farmers but the current government has closed their eyes and ignored the farmers who are sitting here from the past 17 days.”

rahul gandhi tamil nadu farmers

Rahul continued, “Narendra Modi’s government is against the farmers and the poor people of India. During past three years Narendra Modi has relieved Corporate businessmen and billionaires from debts but is ignoring the poor and helpless farmers. We are supporting the farmers here in Delhi and will will support them in Tamil Nadu as well.”

Supreme Court to hear pleas on Triple Talaq from May 11-19

triple talaq supreme court

Supreme Court has given expedition to hear on triple talaq from 11 May onward. The Supreme Court has finally after having all the pleas and request from commoners and government has set a released a date for the hearing of petitions. Three panel of judges Triple talaq Supreme Court will listen to the pleas of Muslim women everyday from May 11-19.

triple talaq supreme court

Triple talaq is a form of giving divorce practices by Muslim men which gives them the authority to men to divorce their wives verbally, be it through social media or through phone. This triple talaq has destroyed life of many women. When they raised this issue in the All India Muslim Personal Board, the board declined hearing any plea of women saying triple talaq to be a part of Quran and changing it in any form will be a disgrace to their god.

The news was highlighted after a three month-old pregnant women, Shagufta, wrote a letter to Prime Minister saying that her husband Shamshad, divorced verbally with a fear that she might give birth to girl child again. Shagufta already have two daughter and her husband and in-laws wanted her to abort the next child fearing that she would give birth to child again.

This letter was written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a copy of it was send to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as well. The CJI of India as given its decision to listen the pleas of women about triple talaq. The court has said that the matter has to be completed within this summer otherwise it will be again the same old issue hanging forever with no justice given to the Muslim women.

Kapil Sharma show in middle of crisis after Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar leaves; Krushna Abhishek has something to say about this!

kapil sharma show latest news

The week seems to belong to Kapil Sharma whose has continuously maintained his position as the talk of the town since he introduced his girlfriend for the first time in the world. While Kapil was enjoying the ‘Shadi Ka Laddoo’ feeling, which he will soon have, the comedian did something which added a bitter flavor to his ‘Mithai.’

Kapil got so carried away in his fame and popularity that he apparently forgot simple regimen of behaving with people, especially with ones who firmly holds the Ladder of Success which he is climbing so meteorically. Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover controversy proves it.

kapil sharma sunil grover

Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover flight-fight is going into a different level of bitterness with the passage of time, but the controversy doesn’t seem to stop. After Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover fight in flight, both tried to console each other with words, but in vain. While Kapil made a public apology to Sunil, Sunil was adamant not to grant any forgiveness to Kapil which was justified by his end as Kapil’s behavior was no new to his team.

Sunil is said to have left the show, and this is confirmed as he skipped the shoot for the upcoming week and the show went on without his presence. Not only Sunil but Chandan Prabhakar, playing Chandu’s character in the show has also left the show.

kapil sharma chandan prabhakar

Kapil is seen to be trying hard to bring back Sunil in the series because he knows very well that Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi are the two most loved characters among the audience after which Bumper and even Kapil comes after him on the popularity list. Kapil went to Sunil’s house asking forgiveness and asked Sunil to get back to his show.

But Sunil has reportedly denied returning on his show as of now and has demanded hike for his return. Although, no confirmation has yet been made about Sunil’s return on The Kapil Sharma show sources tell that Sunil and Chandan have replaced Raju Shrivastav and Ahsaan Qureshi.

krushna abhishek

In the thick cloud of Sunil Kapil controversy, Comedian Krushna Abhishek has chosen not to miss the chance for speaking into Kapil’s matter. Krushna Abhishek has this time, for the first time spoken in Kapil’s favor saying that Kapil and Sunil are best of friends and friends to do fight anytime everywhere, be it after a drink or on jokes and considered it as a small matter between friends. He blamed the media for portraying such small as a big issue.

Well, now it seems that someone is trying to making his boat float on the flowing river. Krushna Abhishek might want to unite back with Kapil as Kapil’s image will act as a leaping point for his career. It’s not good to think about own your good, but at least check the situation, Krushna Abhishek!

Donald Trump did not ignore Angela Merkel’s gesture for shaking hands: Spokesman

donald trump angela merkel

Donald Trump’s spokesman has denied that the US president refused to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as they said side-by-side in the White House last week. “I don’t think he heard the question” posed by Merkel when she suggested they shake hands, in full view of press cameras, spokesman Sean Spicer told German weekly Der Spiegel published today. Donald Trump Angela Merkel meeting was eyed throughout the world.

donald trump angela merkel

The quote was translated into English from Der Spiegel’s online German website. The veteran German chancellor had arrived for her first meeting with Trump at a snowy White House hoping to reverse a chill in relations after Trump’s incendiary election rhetoric, in which he called Merkel’s acceptance of refugees a “catastrophic mistake” and suggested she was “ruining Germany.”

The visit on Friday began cordially, with the pair shaking hands at the entrance of the White House. But later, sitting side-by-side in the Oval Office, Merkel’s suggestion of another handshake went unheard or ignored by Trump an awkward moment in what are usually highly scripted occasions.

German media pointed to the incident as another marker of the meeting’s general icy mood between the cautious German chancellor and impulsive US president. In a frequently awkward joint press conference in the East Room, Trump and Merkel showed little common ground as they addressed a host of thorny issues including NATO, defense spending, and free trade deals.

For most of the 30 minutes, Merkel was stony-faced as Trump ripped into Washington’s NATO allies for not paying their “fair share” for transatlantic defense and demanded “fair and reciprocal trade” deals. Today, Germany’s biggest-selling daily Bild said that throughout the White House meeting, not once did Trump look her in the eye.

Jat Quota Stir: 9 Policemen injured in a clash with protesters while preventing them to march towards Delhi

jat quota stir

A Superintendent of Police and a DSP were among nine policemen injured on Sunday when Jat protesters clashed with them on being prevented from marching toward Delhi. The protesters also set fire to two police buses during the clash that took place in Dhani Gopal village on Sirsa-Hisar-Delhi national highway. The situation turned tense when Jat Quota Stir protesters from villages of Chamarkhera and Kheri of Hisar district tried to enter Fatehabad district to join dharna at Dhani Gopal.

jat quota stir

Tractor trolleys carrying Jat protesters tried to breach police barricades. DSP Gurdial Singh, who was deputed at the barrier, requested them to go on foot and join the dharna peacefully but the protesters did not relent, police said. Later, some miscreants pelted the police party with stones. Retaliating, policemen resorted to lathi charge. Nine policemen were injured in the clash and the protesters torched two police buses. SP O P Narwal suffered an injury on his hand. DSP Gurdial Singh, Inspector Kuldeep, ASIs Sadhu Ram, Sohan Lal, Major Singh, Daya Ram and Krishan were also hurt, police said.

The DSP and the Inspector have been hospitalized, SP Narwal said. More police force was called in to control the situation. Narwal told reporters that “the situation is under control. At the barrier, we did not allow tractor trolleys from Hisar to enter our district. Instead of accepting our request, they started hurling stones at police and the situation turned tense. Some protesters even wielded lathis.”

The Protesters also scuffled with media persons. They allegedly deleted videos and photos of the incident from their cameras and damaged their equipment. The newspersons later filed a complaint with police, demanding action against Jat agitators.

Gorakhdham Head Priest Yogi Aditynath will be Uttar Pradesh new Chief Minister

uttar pradesh new cm yogi adityanath

Speculations about the next Chief Minister of India’s most populous state has ended after BJP chose Yogi Adityanath as the next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Until a few moments back, it was almost considered final in the name of Manoj Sinha, but after a long tensed meeting of MLAs in the state’s capital, Yogi’s name was seen shouting by the BJP supporters.Uttar Pradesh new CM Yogi Adityanath will swear in tomorrow. Also Uttar Pradesh BJP Chief Keshav Prasad Maurya and Dinesh Sharma will be Deputy Chief Minister.

uttar pradesh new cm

After the meeting, the formal announcement is yet to be made by the party, but signals were prominently given for Yogi’s name after Yogi came out of the meeting showing victory sign and the party supporters shouting his name. Yogi Adityanath whose real name is Ajay Singh who is a long time BJP MP from Gorakhpur. Yogi is also the head priest of Gorakhdham temple in Gorakhpur and was the youngest MP in the Lok Sabha since he was at the age of 26.

Yogi is MLA since 1998, has the most prominent face of Hindutva wrapped agenda for which the party has an agenda. Yogi is known for his fiery speech for his religious agendas which has made many eyes turned on him. As Yogi is a core Hindu minded activist, some people fear his agenda against other religion especially the Muslim outcast which holds a considerable mass in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath was the second most prominent face in the Lok Sabha 2014 election after Amit Shah.

Yogi Adityanath will take oath in Lucknow tomorrow whose announced has been done now. Yogi has said that he has kept two major agendas in his mind and that is Growth and Development.

Two Bomb Blast near Agra Cantt Railway Station, Agra on ‘High Alert’ after ISIS threats

agra bomb blast

Two small intensity bomb blast shook the city of Monumental Love, Agra which took place early morning today. After the Islamic terror group, ISIS revealed their next target as Taj Mahal, security in Agra and around Taj Mahal has been improved. But the Agra bomb blast near the Agra Cantonment Railway station shows the heights of preparation the ISIS has done to target India. Two bomb blast both at the gap of approximately 45 minutes, were of lower intensity and no casualties were reported.

agra bomb blast

The Investigation team and the bomb squad along with the Police reach the site after the news came. The first blast occurred at around 5 am at the house of a Plumber named Ashok in Rasoolpura area near the Cantonment area. Another A bomb explosion took place 45 minutes later in the area where garbage from Platform No five was disposed. The Police has already started investigations about the two minor explosions, which is supposed to be ISIS to show their terror planning in India. Agra is on High Alert after the message from ISIS came out that their next target is to destroy Taj Mahal.

taj mahal isis

Director general of police Mahesh Kumar Mishra said further investigations about the blast are underway and more precautions will be taken to prevent any such incidents again. “Both the explosions were followed by smoke. A team of forensic experts and a bomb disposal squad has been called to inspect the spot,” said Mishra.

“Two explosions were heard early today. The UP police have taken over, and now forensic investigations are being done to determine the cause,” Divisional Railway Manager Prabhash Kumar said. Reports of the blast came after attempts to derail Andaman Express failed.

Trivendra Singh Rawat, RSS Pracharak and Amit Shah aide, will sworn as new Uttarakhand Chief Minister

uttarakhand chief minister

After BJP’s panoramic victory in Uttarakhand, names for CM candidature was swirling across everywhere which was undecided and undisclosed by the winning party. After much speculations, BJP Chief Amit Shah announced Uttarakhand Chief Minister name which is Trivendra Singh Rawat. Trivendra Singh Rawat, 57, is Uttarakhand RSS Pracharak who won over Congress Hira Singh Bisht in Doiwala Constituency with a winning margin of 24,000 votes.

uttarakhand chief minister

Trivendra Singh Rawat was chosen as legislature party leader by party MLA on Friday and will be taking oath as Uttarakhand Chief Minister on Saturday. Trivendra Singh Rawat is an active member of Uttarakhand RSS associated with the party as RSS Pracharak from 1983-2002. During his tenure in RSS, he held several positions. Trivendra who did masters in Journalism has also helped BJP in Jharkhand legislature to form strong roots of BJP in Jharkhand.

BJP has its most victorious win in Uttarakhand winning 57 seats out of 70 gaining 46.6 per cent voters on their side. BJP also had great results in Goa and Manipur where the Chief Ministers have already sworn. But all eyes are set on the names of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh chief minister due to charge number of competitions in it.

Trivendra Singh Rawat had the advantage of being close to Amit Shah and holding prominent positions in the state party. He was a close aide of BJP chief Amit Shah during 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The swearing ceremony will take place in Parade Grounds where only VVIP entries are restricted. All officials and securities are held tight in the position as the swearing ceremony will be held in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and major names of BJP will also be present.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister name is expected to be announced on Saturday in the swearing ceremony of Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat where prominent leaders of the party will be present.

MS Dhoni rescued from massive fire in Delhi Hotel, Jharkhand Bengal match postponed

ms dhoni rescued

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his Jharkhand team was rescued from a Hotel in Dwarka Delhi where fire broke out early morning. Dhoni and his team was unaware of the fire until heavy fumes of smoke was filled in the corridor and the hotel rooms. Although MS Dhoni rescued safely along with his team from the hotel safely, but the official are upset about the safety measures kept in the hotel. Dhoni and his Jharkhand team was staying in ITC Hotel in Dwarka Delh and was suppose to play a Vijay Hazare semifinal match against Bengal.

ms dhoni rescued

Vijay Hazare semifinal match was to be played in the Air Force Ground, Palam which was called off due to this tragic incident. The Tamil Nadu team which has already qualified the semifinals was also present in the hotel, were rescued safely. The match is now scheduled to take place at Ferozeshah Kotla on Saturday. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who had no idea about the fire, was sleeping in his room. Until the smoke filled his room, he had no idea about it after which he called the hotel staff which rescued him.

hotel fire in delhi

The BCCI has lodged a complain against the hotel for neglecting the safely issues for the players. “We could smell something burning in the room but that was not that strong. At around 7.30 am, when I went in to bathe, all of a sudden there was a lot of smoke and I rushed out picked up valuables and got out of the room to see dense smoke in the corridor. You could barely see beyond 10 metres. There were no fire alarms,” Tapash Charterjee, member of BCCI’s grounds and pitches committee.

“They then switched off the lights and lifts. The teams ran out and luckily, we are all safe. The kit bags of the Jharkhand team were left behind,” Chatterjee informed. While the players were rescued safely, their kits were burnt. “We got a call around 6:30 am alerting them there was a fire inside the Welcome Hotel, which is located in Sector 10, Dwarka. 30 fire tenders pressed to control the fire and the fire was brought under control at 7:50 am,” Delhi Fire Service said.