Game of Thrones Season 7 Leaked Online, Hackers demanded $6.5 million Ransom

game of thrones season 7 leaked online

Just before the last episode of the seventh season of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ aired on the small screen, HBO hackers leaked Climax, calling itself ‘Mr. Smith’. According to Mashable, the hacking group who steals 1.5 terabytes of data released by HBO has leaked the confidential part of the story about how the show will end this season.

game of thrones season 7 leaked online

According to the report, “Mashable has read the confidential summary, but he has decided not to publish more information.”

HBO said about hacking that hackers can continue to steal information to attract media attention. HBO said, “We do not want to be part of this game.”

The hacking group has demanded about $ 6.5 million Bitcoin from HBO, but their demand has not yet been met.

However, the group has claimed that it has sold the stolen data to three clients.

Sana Amin Sheikh thinks she’s a natural actor

Sana Amin Sheikh

Actress Sana Amin Shaikh, who plays the character in the television serial ‘Bhutu’, says that the acting came naturally and she works according to the script. Sana said, “Acting came with ease, it was in my blood. As far as preparations are concerned, I work according to the written script.”

Sana Amin Sheikh
Sana Amin Sheikh

He said, “I look forward to the expectations of the creative team and the audience is also likely to like it. I will play my honest role in giving my best.”

‘Bhutu’ television channel is broadcast on GTV. It will be starring stars such as Arshiya Mukherjee and Viraj Kapoor.

Telugu Bigg Boss Season 1 will be broadcast on July 15

telugu bigg boss season 1

The Telugu version of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ will be broadcast on July 15. Telugu actor Junior NTR is debuting with this show. He will be seen in the role of the director of the show.

telugu bigg boss season 1

In a statement, it has been confirmed that the first episode of the show will be broadcast on July 15.

In this show, 12 celebrity participants must live together in a house for 70 days. During the monitoring of 60 cameras, participants will be cut off from the entire world during this period.

According to the statement, “This show, is coming out with many new initiatives for the Telugu entertainment world, this is the Telugu television industry’s first most expensive show, in this show, more than 10,000 square feet area is one of the largest sets and about 750 People are working. ”

‘Big Boss’ is an Indian version of International Show ‘Big Brother’. It has been one of the most successful reality shows. 10 blockbuster episodes of this show have been broadcast in Hindi.

Chandan Prabhakar is back on The Kapil Sharma Show

Chandan Prabhakar is back on The Kapil Sharma Show

Comedian Chandan Prabhakar says that he took the decision to return to the show because his friend needs him. Prabhakar had left the show after the conflicts with his friend and Kapil Sharma’s host Kapil Sharma in the past.

Chandan Prabhakar is back on The Kapil Sharma Show
Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakar

There were reports that Kapil abused his co-star Sunil Grover in the plane while coming from Melbourne in March. Subsequently, many members of the show, including Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asghar, left the show.

Now after several months, Chandan has returned once again to the show of childhood friend. Chandan said this is not a big decision. That was the response of some time. Now everything is right with us. I think Kapil needs me now and I should support him. They said, we are friends of childhood, and our fight has been fought many times before. But now we are working on television, so our fight is being discussed. We all fight with our brothers and sisters in real life, and it is fine too.

Chandan said, due to the absence of some characters the TRP of the show has been affected. Sunil, Ali and many of us all are fans. So, when the characters we paid for the show did not disappear, its impact was on the show.

There are many reports about Kapil’s attitude and egoism. Although Chandan defended his friend, he said that he is a genuine person.

Chandan said, “We have worked together before, and then he used to say anything to me, I did not mind. Now that he talks to me the same way I feel sorry. So this is not their problem, it is my view that has changed.

He said, when someone becomes famous, then others say that he has an ego, but people have celebrated him big. He is a true person. However, the other two famous members of the Kapil Sharma show Sunil and Ali have refused to return to the show.

He said I am sure Kapil should have contacted Sunil. It is their life and their decision that they want to come back to the show or not.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Celebs boycott the show after Sunil, Ali and Chandan!

kapil sharma show latest news

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover controversy is getting worst day by day and is affecting Kapil’s show. The Kapil Sharma Show which one the most popular weekend show on television is facing serious challenges after Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover had a fight on the flight. After the flight-fight, Sunil Grover has quit the show as of now. To support Sunil’s protest, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar too have boycotted the show. Kapil Sharma Show latest news is that after these actors, celebs too have boycotted the show.

kapil sharma show latest news

After the fight, the show was shot with the ‘Naam Shabana’ team. On the third day, Raju Srivastav, Ahsaan Qureshi, and Sunil Pal called on the show on an emergency basis. But on the third day, the shoot got canceled after Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar boycotted the show for the third consecutive day as well.

Now with the uncertain fate of the show, Kapil Sharma has left nothing. The production is trying to convince the three actors, but they are adamant on not returning to the show after Kapil’s behavior with them on the flight. On the other hand, the production is also searching new replacements for the show.

Amidst all these controversies, Ali Asgar has reportedly been said to have left the show permanently and has joined a new serial.

According to rumors, not only these actors but celebs too have boycotted The Kapil Sharam Show after which the show got canceled. It is still unclear about when the shooting will resume and who will be in the next episode of Kapil’s show.

Nach Baliye 8: Yuvraj Singh- Hazel Keech to participate while Ranbir Kapoor will host the show?

nach baliye 8

Nach Baliye has been favorite dance show where couples compete with their respective partners for winning the title of best dancers. Nach Baliye 8 contestant list has already created interest among the audience with Comedian Bharti Singh is coming out for the first time with her real life partner. Deepika Kakkar who was in news for leaving her leading soap. Now the makers have decided to add more popularity for the show by announcing newlyweds Star Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and hazel’s participation on Nach Baliye 8.

nach baliye 8

Yes, that’s true! Yuvraj Singh and his wife Hazel have been approached to participate in the competition. Yuvraj has been said to check his availability schedule for participating in the competition. Yuvraj and Hazel, if agreed, will enter as Wild Card Entries.

A close source from Nach Baliye 8 Production has quoted saying, “Yes Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech have been approached to be wild card contestants. The creative team is in talks with them. Just that we need to work around the shoot dates with Yuvraj. If that gets sorted, they will enter the show as wild cards after the second week.”

Not only this, to add more heat to it, the makers have also approached Ranbir Kapoor to host the show. Although no confirmation from Ranbir’s side has been made if it happens, Nach Baliye 8 would not be something which can be missed.

Nach Baliye 8 has already become a starry affair with Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya, Bharti Singh, Sanaya Irani, Mohit Sehgal, Dipika Kakkar, Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Mona Lisa where each of them is seen giving tough competition to each other.

Yuvraj Singh apart from his excellent batting and balling skills is also known for his dancing skills. Many times Yuvraj has shown is dancing talent. Off recent when Yuvraj and Hazel got married on November, the couple grooved everyone with their sizzling moves. It’s quite a watch out for Nach Baliye 8 if the star couple turns out for the show.

Kapil Sharma show in middle of crisis after Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar leaves; Krushna Abhishek has something to say about this!

kapil sharma show latest news

The week seems to belong to Kapil Sharma whose has continuously maintained his position as the talk of the town since he introduced his girlfriend for the first time in the world. While Kapil was enjoying the ‘Shadi Ka Laddoo’ feeling, which he will soon have, the comedian did something which added a bitter flavor to his ‘Mithai.’

Kapil got so carried away in his fame and popularity that he apparently forgot simple regimen of behaving with people, especially with ones who firmly holds the Ladder of Success which he is climbing so meteorically. Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover controversy proves it.

kapil sharma sunil grover

Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover flight-fight is going into a different level of bitterness with the passage of time, but the controversy doesn’t seem to stop. After Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover fight in flight, both tried to console each other with words, but in vain. While Kapil made a public apology to Sunil, Sunil was adamant not to grant any forgiveness to Kapil which was justified by his end as Kapil’s behavior was no new to his team.

Sunil is said to have left the show, and this is confirmed as he skipped the shoot for the upcoming week and the show went on without his presence. Not only Sunil but Chandan Prabhakar, playing Chandu’s character in the show has also left the show.

kapil sharma chandan prabhakar

Kapil is seen to be trying hard to bring back Sunil in the series because he knows very well that Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi are the two most loved characters among the audience after which Bumper and even Kapil comes after him on the popularity list. Kapil went to Sunil’s house asking forgiveness and asked Sunil to get back to his show.

But Sunil has reportedly denied returning on his show as of now and has demanded hike for his return. Although, no confirmation has yet been made about Sunil’s return on The Kapil Sharma show sources tell that Sunil and Chandan have replaced Raju Shrivastav and Ahsaan Qureshi.

krushna abhishek

In the thick cloud of Sunil Kapil controversy, Comedian Krushna Abhishek has chosen not to miss the chance for speaking into Kapil’s matter. Krushna Abhishek has this time, for the first time spoken in Kapil’s favor saying that Kapil and Sunil are best of friends and friends to do fight anytime everywhere, be it after a drink or on jokes and considered it as a small matter between friends. He blamed the media for portraying such small as a big issue.

Well, now it seems that someone is trying to making his boat float on the flowing river. Krushna Abhishek might want to unite back with Kapil as Kapil’s image will act as a leaping point for his career. It’s not good to think about own your good, but at least check the situation, Krushna Abhishek!

Sunil Grover’s reply to Kapil Sharma’s apology for abusing and hitting him is EPIC!

kapil sharma sunil grover controversy

After Kapil Sharma was attacked from all over for misbehaving with his co-star Sunil Grover, who is also one of the most loved comedians on his show. Kapil Sharma Sunil Grover controversy has started taking its ugliest form after Sunil Grover replied to Kapil Sharma’s apology. Just before this, Kapil revealed his girlfriend to the world for the first time. He was enjoying his phase of congratulations from all around when suddenly reports came that he apparently had an ugly fight with Sunil Grover. Kapil who is believed to be drunk was abusing his team especially Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda saying them as ‘daily wages workers’ after which Sunil came to their rescue. Angry Kapil held Sunil from his collar and hit him while abusing him.

kapil sharma sunil grover controversy

After this news had come out, Kapil was criticized from all across, and according to sources too, Kapil often misbehaves with his colleagues. A source was quoted saying that Kapil has reached at the stardom very early and he has made a prominent position in the industry. It has made him arrogant. Also, he thinks his co-stars as some small low time working comedian. Kapil is often said to treat them as his servants.

After so much negative response, Kapil Sharma has very cleverly apologized to Sunil Grover. And he has done it publicly. Kapil Sharma tweeted, “Paaji @WhoSunilGrover sry if I hurt u unintentionally.You know very well how much I love you. M also upset .love n regards always:)” Sunil Grover gave the best reply to Kapil Sharma’s Apology. Sunil Grover posted a picture sharing his thought while tagging Kapil Sharma in it.

sunil grover tweet

Well, it seems that Kapil has realized that Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi are one of the most loved characters on The Kapil Sharma Show. His show will bump into a downfall after Sunil Grover leaves. Sunil Grover was so upset from Kapil’s behavior that he decided to exit the show. Sunil was also said to have a conversation with the producers. Now it will be interesting to see whether Sunil Grover returns to The Kapil Sharma Show or Kapil will manage the show with Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi.

Bigg Boss Contestant Swami Om was denied anticipatory bail for molesting women

bigg boss ex contestant swami om

Advocate A P Singh, who filed the plea, argued that there was no possibility of the accused tampering with evidence if granted anticipatory bail and he would not misuse his liberty. As per the FIR lodged at IP Estate police station, the woman was allegedly wrongfully restrained by Bigg Boss ex Contestant Swami Om and Anand when she was going home, and they started abusing her and committed objectionable acts.

bigg boss ex contestant swami om

When the complainant requested them to leave her, they dragged her into their room and attempted to rape her, the FIR said. They also threatened that they would not spare her and that they had already ruined her husband’s life, it said. The woman had claimed in her complaint that Swami Om and Anand had ripped off her clothes on February 7. The woman alleged that they had attempted to humiliate her in full public view a few days earlier in Rajghat area here. No arrest has been made in the case.

The court had earlier denied anticipatory bail to Anand, saying the allegations against him were grave and the probe was at a nascent stage. Swami Om had been in the news throughout the season for all wrong reasons. Whether it was for abusing someone or threatening women contestants for molestation, Swami Om had reflected his character in the show. Now after charges had been framed against him, it is no shock that he has been denied bail. It is something that the fake ‘Swami’ deserves.

Krishna Abhishek desires to work with Kapil Sharma, compares their relationship with Salman-Shahrukh

kapil sharma krushna abhishek

The great war between the two most famous Comedians, Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek, is known to everyone. While Krishna has always voiced his opinion on this cold but Kapil has always chosen to keep numb on this topic but has taken a dig on Krishna on his show. The cold war had started way back from those days where Kapil Sharma Krushna Abhishek worked on Sony’s Comedy Circus. The competition in show entered their real life as well with turned a cold war into a nasty spat of words. But it seems that all these things are going to come to an end. Yes! That’s true, Krishna has expressed his desire to work with Kapil again.

kapil sharma and krushna abhishek

Krishna who has always spoken on this matter compares his relation with Kapil as Salman-Shahrukh’s relationship, says, “Yes definitely. People would be waiting to see both of us on stage. I think that would be like Shah Rukh and Salman doing a film together. That would be a lot of fun. That time will come.”

Krishna also wished to work with Kapil Sharma. He further added “I want to work with him because he is a great standup comedian. I think he is a better standup comedian than all of us, as far as standup comedy is concerned. In acting, I could give tough (competition), but I consider him number one in standup comedy. It would be wonderful to share the stage with him someday. I would love to. Now I don’t know what Kapil says.”

The fans love both the comedians. Therefore it would be a delight to watch them together.