Udta Punjab to be Released Tomorrow, High Court and Supreme Court Rejects Petition

The movie Udta Punjab has now cleared the way for its release. The Supreme Court asked the petitioners to go to Punjab and Haryana High Court. The film will release on June 17.

Udta Punjab to be Released Tomorrow

An NGO filed a petition against the order of Bombay High Court. In Jalandhar, the NGO Human Rights Awareness in his petition said that the High Court cannot take any decision to remove a scene or dialogue from a movie. NGOs say that the Punjab misrepresented in the film.

On Thursday, the petition seeking a ban on the release of movie Udta Punjab heard by Punjab and Haryana High Court. On Tuesday, a special screening was held for Amicus Curiae (Court associate) Lawyer Sujay Kanta Wala. He submitted his report to the High Court after watching the film. Subsequently, the High Court dismissed his petition.

Bombay High Court gave certificate to Udta Punjab with one cut and three disclaimers

Chandigarh-based lawyer, Watan Sharma petition, states that the movie misrepresents the Punjabi culture and the movie shows the negative image of Punjab. On Monday, the Bombay High Court asked producers to cut a scene from the movie and show three disclaimers. In the film, a scene of Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) has been invited to remove. In this scene, Shahid Kapoor is urinating on the public. The three disclaimers are:

  • First: We do not promote use of drugs
  • Second: Bad words are just to tell the truth, not to help
  • Third: This movie is not for tarnishing the image of state

Bombay High Court verdict says that “We have read the entire script of the film to see whether if drugs have not been encouraged anywhere. We did not find that any scene or dialogue which questions the sovereignty and integrity of India through the name of any city. Earlier, Sensor board objected to the display of eight cities signboard and asked to remove them from the filmmakers.” Court also said, “Sensor board should not interfere unless a filmmaker is misusing its freedom of creativity. Board is authorized to censor the film. The council should use its power under the direction of the Indian Constitution and Supreme Court.”

Several parties are set to make drug as an issue for the election. In the climax of the film that a local leader gives drugs along with manifesto to win the elections. The film illustrates the process that how drugs made in a factory and how the pharmaceutical companies operate.

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