Ujjwal Nikam interrogates David Headly on 2nd day of questioning

Special Public Prosecutor ‘Ujjwal Nikam’ interrogates David Headly on the second day of questioning at court through video conferencing. During questioning, David Headly made several revelations today. David Headly revealed that Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistan’s Intelligence Bureau ‘ISI’ has a close nexus, not only this, he also told that ISI provides Moral, Military and Financial Support to LeT.

ujjwal nikam interrogates david headlyThe second question raised by Ujjwal Nikam was, Did Headly know Col. Shah, Brigadier Riyaz, and Lt. Col. Hamza? On which ‘Headly’ told that he was aware that all of them, they worked for ISI and coordinated with LeT.

Terrorist organization in Pakistan operate under The United Jihad Council

He also revealed that he has surveyed, video graphed and made GPS recording of all the key locations across Mumbai (Hotel Taj, Hotel Oberoi, CST Headquarter, Naval Headquarter and Chabbar’s house) that were attacked.

He also told the court that all the data including images, GPS details was handed over to Abu Kafa and Sajid Mir (Leaders of LeT) by him.

David Headly visited Mumbai several times, and even his wife accompanied him once afterward he has even stayed at Taj Hotel and The Oberoi Hotel. He also video graphed the 2nd floor of the Taj hotel as LeT has instructed that a conference of Indian Scientists is going to be held, which has to attack.

When the court asked him about the plan, he told that the project was abandon due to unavailability of explosives.

He also said that the different terrorist organizations in Pakistan operate under ‘The United Jihad Council’ with the aim of increasing terrorist activities in India.

David Headly also confessed that he met to Sajid Mir in Pakistan; he said that he visited Pakistan frequently even after visiting India. He came to India eight, and of those seven times, he came from Pakistan and ones from Dubai. Sajid Mir asked him to change his name from Dawood Gilani to David Coleman Headly so that he could appear to be American.

David Headly is now serving 35-year Jail term in the United States of America.

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