Vodafone offers chat facility in local language on WhatsApp

Telecom service provider Vodafone has launched an app in partnership with the WhatsApp, through which users can chat in their local language. This initiative of Vodafone will facilitate millions of people in the country to chat in their mother tongue.

Vodafone offers chat facility in local language on WhatsApp

Vodafone has made customized pages in various Indian languages ​(Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil etc.) with this new feature introduced on WhatsApp.

The page provides an animated step-by-step interface that gives the option to change local languages ​​during chatting. With a few clicks, you can update status, chat, or send messages in your language.

On this occasion, Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone India, Sandeep Kataria said, “We are happy that we have brought a special service to consumers in partnership with WhatsApp, through which they can chat with their loved ones in their own language. We believe that sending a message in the local language is the first choice, and this campaign with Whatsapp is our best effort in this direction. ”

WhatsApp vice president Neeraj Arora said, “Together with Vodafone, we want to make communication more easily and accessible in India. With the help of this feature, people can easily use WhatsApp in their local language.”

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