WhatsApp Update: Now send PDF Document through WhatsApp

After seven years of its launch, WhatsApp Update this cool feature where you can share any PDF document file. But make sure the person, that you are sharing the document to, should have the WhatsApp Application updated too. This feature of WhatsApp is available for WhatsApp Android version 2.12.453 and 2.12.4. Apart from this, WhatsApp brings you many new features.

When the WhatsApp application is downloaded from Google Play on WhatsApp Android V 2.12.453, the users can see a new feature “Documents” in the place of “Gallery”. But there are some users who are still not able to use this feature.

Send PDF files thrrough WhatsApp Update, Other document format would be supported soon

However, if you are not able to view the “Document” feature, don’t worry you can download the latest version of WhatsApp supporting the “Document” feature on your WhatsApp android version 2.12.453. However, the “Document” feature on WhatsApp only allows you to share documents in PDF format. It can be expected that the other formats of documents would be supported soon in WhatsApp.

Whatsapp update allows you to attach and send pdf document

The important point here is that you cannot share any documents with other users until the receiver doesn’t have the updated version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp version 2.12.453 has included many more feature like, various emojis (more than 100) can best describe you mood every time. Also, there is a Google drive available for chats and media device. Five new languages are also added in this version. The version is also supporting the latest android version i.e. version 6 Marshmallow.

WhatsApp Update includes Video Zoom, Application Sharing and Multi Chat Background

Users can also share pictures through other applications like Google Drive, DropBox, and Microsoft One Drive though the IOS v2.12.4 Version, in WhatsApp. For this users are required to select/tap the picture from ‘Photo/Video Library’. Users can also select the chat background. WhatsApp has also worked on the design of pictures and videos. IOS users will be able to zoom the video, while playing it.

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