Whatsapp users should beware of hoax alert

Make sure that you do not click on the link or forward the message that BSNL is offering free 4G unlimited data and voice call for one year.

Whatsapp users should beware of hoax alertYou will get to read this message on Whatsapp. This is a hoax message which can create the huge scam and someone would be making out money from it.

Several spam messages are been circulated on Whatsapp from BSNL and Airtel claiming the free unlimited 4G data and free voice calls, just by one click.

It is a trap laid by the hackers to gather personal information of those people who click these links.

Since the time Reliance Jio had offered free 4G internet all the other telecom operators are facing the heat. They are trying to match the rate and make irresistible deals which can help their customers to stay back.

Reliance Jio has offered free service to their customer for next four month that is till March 31, 2017.

The hackers have taken the advantage to misguide the Whatsapp users with unlimited free data and free voice call.

Nowadays there is an ongoing war between Reliance Jio unlimited offers with other telecom operators who are trying to match the rate so that their customer can stay back.

Right now Whatsapp users should avoid such kind of Whatsapp message which is safe for them.

These are the news tactics planned by the scammers to attracts the attention of the users, which takes the users to click the link.

The hackers can misuse the personal information of the users who have clicked on the link

Now these types of scams are not new. But the users need to know is to be careful with this types of message on Whatsapp. These types of messages seem to be good but they are not true.

Users should be aware before clicking on such links. They must be sure about the actual sender.

Users should do online research to gather information for the similar offer and be sure that the offer is genuine.

If the users find something unusual or fishy, then they should rather delete or ignore the message. And even the users should not such kind of messages to anyone.

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