Why Do People Prefer To Live Alone?

Currently, our world has a population of 7.8 billion; every human being living here is different by its unique physical features such as size, color, texture, shape, and many others. These billions of people live together, work together, eat together, and nevertheless differ by their thought processes, opinions, scenarios, feelings, and acting. People choose their suitable whereabouts by their social adaptability and the nature of the environment they prefer to live in. Some people may like to live in the company of their friends and some may not like making friends but find themselves gratified with family, while some people cannot cope up with humans so they separate themselves from society despite living between it, such people are called introverts. Some can adjust in pandemonium while some are an antagonist of it. It is not astonishing that the billions of people living together, many can have the same thoughts and common pragmatic approach towards a particular situation.

why do people prefer to live alone

In this article, I’m going to talk about such people who prefer tranquility and living alone and what can be some of the possible reasons by which they find their contentment in aloofness.

A human brain is just like a hard drive with infinite storage, which captures and saves all the events endlessly which a human sees. All these events occurring in one’s life since childhood throw a powerful impact in life which thenceforth gives its effect shaping one’s nature towards ones surrounding and humanity. People going through strident events may turn out to be suffering from Alexithymia to some extent, but its possibilities are very low (research proved only 10% of the world population suffers from it). Some people are uncomfortable with the difference in the perspective between their families and of their own, so they cut themselves off from that environment and move away. Many people live alone just because of the circumstances they face for their job or work to make living, they do have the will to live with their family, friends, and caring ones but the conditions are such they cannot.

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But the question arises is beneficial for one to live alone and cut oneself off from humans. Well, its answer can be many folds, some people they just care out their comfort and facilities irrespective of worrying about what others say, some they just don’t have anyone with whom they can live with. Well, I consider that living alone makes the person stronger, that he has to face every problem by himself which makes him stronger day by day, by understanding the fact that it’s no one in the end who is going to stay forever and will be available for help, doing every work by own also makes the person independent, this trait which is built up by living alone can help in future in your old days when you can still work by yourself while others are hoping and wishing for a helping hand. Living alone also teaches us that you cannot find happiness in anyone but yourself.

People living in western countries, become independent as soon as they are 18 years old, they take care of their expenses by doing part-time jobs along with their graduation and studies, so they often move and start living and dealing with their accountabilities solely. But many people find their strength when they are with their family, as they say, unity is power. So before jumping to the conclusion that what is good for you, it’s better to know yourself and then take your decision vividly.

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