Women’s Day: Ram Gopal Varma insults women, specifically Sunny Leone

Ram Gopal Varma has proven time and again that he is a Bollywood’s racist and sexist, in short, he is a Pig, and he has been showing it for the hundredth time. He has also made himself prominent in a ‘terribly’ remarkable league of abusers standing neck to neck with awful offender KRK. When the whole world is busy celebrating Women’s Day, RGV is busy spitting his useless views. Ram Gopal Varma has insulted women on Women’s day specifically Sunny Leone. Women’s day Ram Gopal Varma revealed his epic dirt about his mentality by his tweet.

women's day ram gopal varma

Ram Gopal Varma started celebrating women’s day for the very reason of celebrating it. He tweeted, “Is there no #MensDay because all days in the year belong to only men and the women were given just only one day?” It was just the start after which followed another tweet saying, “Women’s day should be called #MensDay because men celebrate women much more than females celebrate women.” “Women on at least #MensDay should not nag or scream and at least give some freedom to men”. The main trouble for Varma came when RGV made a remark on Sunny Leone. RGV said women should give happiness every day as Sunny Leone gives. He made it clear from his post that he thinks women only as a sexual object while commenting straight on Sunny Leone’s early profession which was Pornography.

Ram Gopal Varma keeps on portraying his racist and sexist attitude in social media for which he is criticized from all around but as seen, RGV has given up all his shame and roaming freely with his dirty nude thoughts. When the waves of tension and fear were flowing across the world with Donald Trump becoming the President, it was only RGV who was firing crackers and celebrating Trump’s victory amidst all the tension just because he had a lame reason that Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is hot! One can imagine this man’s height of sexism.

Again on one incident, RGV flashed his cheap thoughts after he posted a picture of Assamese actress turned Politician Angoor Lata, saying her transformation from actress to politician has made be believe that Modi’s slogan for the campaign is true and that is why he loves politics! Not only women, but RGV goes on spilling his dirt on every possible person he can. He commented on Tiger Shroff’s photo shoot where he called Tiger as ‘Gay’ and suggested him to stop giving poses like Urmila Matondkar.

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