Wrong Eating Habbits can lead to unwanted Fat, Weight gain

Our steady weight gain can be some time due to our wrong habits. In this hectic schedule of 9 to 5 job, we have inculcated many habits that could be not good for your health. We have focused on the eight daily habits that might be making you fat. If you slightly change these habits, then you could control your weight.

Wrong Eating Habbits can lead to unwanted Fat, Weight gain

Here are 15 Daily Habits that makes you Fat

  1. Skipping your Breakfast: You should never skip breakfast. The word Breakfast could be cut down in two words “Break” and “Fast.” It is a type of fast between the meal you ate yesterday night and the one you will eat today. The gap between the last meal at night and the first meal next day morning should be 10 hours at most. If the duration of breakfast increases, it makes your metabolism rate low which eventually makes the fat-burning process slow. So, you aim first thing in the morning should be eating breakfast as soon as you get up so that your metabolism rate is high.
  1. Not taking enough sleep: Your sleep routine might affect your weight loss process. Yes, indeed it is true. If you don’t have a proper sleep routine, you might gain weight even if you don’t eat a lot. Experts say that you should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.
  1. Not breaking the sweat: If you don’t go for a morning walk or don’t do any physical exercises, then the calories don’t get burned out. It increases fat in our body.
  1. Drinking Diet Soda: You think that drinking diet sodas could help you lose weight. It is the time that you check the statistics. Well maybe the diet sodas contain fewer calories in comparison to regular sodas, but it is also responsible for the weight gain. The “diet” soda is not as much diet as you think. Researchers have found out that diet soda contains Aspartame which raises the blood glucose level enough that liver couldn’t handle it and it eventually gets converted into fat.
  1. Not taking enough Proteins: Proteins can be found out in foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and egg. No consumption of these foods, the metabolism process gets slow and eventually leads to the increase in weight.
  1. Drinking Less Water: If we drink less than 3 liters of water daily, then the waste of the body doesn’t get out properly. It makes our metabolism slow and eventually increases our weight.
  1. Not eating Green Leafy Vegetables: If we don’t include green leafy vegetables in our diet, our weight will increase. It is because these contain Fibre which helps in controlling weight.
  1. Eating while watching TV: When we eat our food while watching TV, Computer, and Laptop or mobile, then overeating could take place. It increases our weight.
  1. Your Bedtime is Insta-time: Are you one of those people that can spend hours on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while trying to get sleep. It’s time that you change this habit because it might be hindering your weight loss process. The more time you spend on social networking sites, the less you engage in any physical activity. You should keep away your phone while going to sleep.
  1. You don’t eat mindfully: You woke up at 8:30 a.m. Oh no, it is way past your bedtime. Now you don’t have time for anything. You get ready and gulp down your food on the way to the office. Stop! That’s why you are not able to slim down instead of every fad diet you tried. You are not eating mindfully. Chew slowly. Take the taste of the food. Keep eating. Swallow.
  1. You don’t have food-journal: Researchers have conducted various studies and found out that the people who recorded there every meal in a journal lose weight 40 percent more time than those who didn’t log. Make a diary for this purpose only. Log every meal in it. If pen paper is somewhat messy for you, there are many apps in Google Store where you can log every meal that you ate in a go.
  1. You use Elevators instead of Stairs: It is our office culture to use elevators even if our office is on the first floor. Why not? That’s why the elevators were made in the first place to benefit human. Yes, it indeed was. But due to lack of inactivity and physical work, this benefit has turned into our enemy. Use stairs to climb to your office. Spending 0 minutes are going up and down at the stairs could burn up to 80 calories.
  1. You drink too much Coffee/Tea: A limited amount of Caffeine is good for your health. But if you drink 8 to 10 cups of Caffeine, it might be alarming for you. When you drink much Caffeine throughout the day, it suppresses your hunger. It is not until you reach your home for dinner when the hunger begins to kick off leading you to eat more than usual.
  1. You had a heavy dinner: It is a well-known saying that your breakfast should be like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper. It is said so because the metabolism rate of our body is highest in the morning time and lowest at night. So our body requires lots of effort to digest the food we took as dinner. So our dinner should be light. Also, we should consume our dinner at least two hours before we go to sleep. It gives our body some time before it could finally take some rest.
  1. You enjoy Happy Hours with your friends: When you are sitting at a bar sitting with you friends sipping your favorite beer, you think life couldn’t get better than this. What you don’t understand is that you are making it worse. Alcoholic drink makes you fat. The fat burning process while drinking Alcohol is way too slow than usual. So now you have to sit with nothing with your friend while everyone cheers? No, you could swap alcohol with lemon water. I know it is not much fun, but it will boost your metabolism and help you in losing weight.

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