Lucknow’s Iconic ‘Tunday Kababi’ suffers after Yogi Adityanath’s Slaughterhouse Ban

Yogi Adityanath order to ban Slaughter House has adversely affected Lucknow’s iconic “Tunday Kababi.” Tunday Kababi which is almost a 100-year-old restaurant in Lucknow holds a famous name in the history of Lucknow. It’s mouth watering Kababs are the ones for which Lucknow is famous. But after the new Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered a ban on slaughterhouse throughout the state, it attracts lesser customers now.

yogi adityanath order

The new Poster on the Restaurant says, “Chicken and Mutton Kebabs” while earlier the Kababs made of Buffalo meat. The irony is that it has served only Buffalo Meat Kababs since it started. The famous Tunday Kababs are made from two types of meat, namely Buffalo and Lamb, respectively. It was the real flavor for the delicious Kababs. But after the order has been passed, the restaurant has to change its menu leaving its hundred-year-old iconic recipe.

“People come here for buffalo meat kebabs, am not sure they will take to mutton or even chicken kebabs,” said Abu Bakr, manager at the Tunday Kababi. I am willing to go by whatever the government decides, but perhaps everyone should be given some more time to put their house in order if there are any irregularities. Otherwise, this will kill my business, and many will lose their jobs,” he added.

Businessman Mohammad Javed, a regular, went back disappointed yesterday. He said, “Buffalo meat kebabs are also cheaper. So the poor can come here and eat in 30 rupees. Not everyone can pay Rs. 50 or 70 for chicken or mutton kebabs. I am with the government, but legitimate businesses shouldn’t be harmed.” The slaughterhouse which supplied buffalo meat was shut down on Wednesday by civic officials who said their “papers are not in order.”

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