Zuckerberg spoke to Astronauts via live chat, Scientist said like to eat spicy food

For the first time, Mark Zuckerberg spoke to astronauts at International Space Station (ISS) through Facebook Lite Chat. In this 20 minute conversation, Zuckerberg learned about their experiments and research. Scientists answered many of their questions. They said – “Human body is capable of staying a long time in space. Our taste has changed, but we would like to eat spicy food.”

Facebook Zuckerberg spoke to Astronauts via live chat

Nasa astronaut Tim Copra-Jeff Williams and European Space agency’s Tim Peak are living at ISS nowadays. Copra and Peak reached at ISS on December 15. Copra is Expedition 47 commander of ISS. Both of them have spent nearly 169 days in the ISS. Williams is a flight engineer. Two Russian cosmonauts are also staying at ISS. There is a total of 6 crew member on ISS.

Facebook users also asked questions to astronauts. Mark Zuckerberg posted these questions. Users asked several interesting questions. For example, what would be the outcome of Newton’s (bucket) experiment? Who provides food at the space station? And other issues about their daily routine, zero gravity’s effect on the body and necessary technology for the Mars mission were raised.

Astronauts answered several questions posted by Facebook users

Addressing to the several interesting questions posted by Facebook users, Astronauts said, we are euphoric that we can use the internet connectivity even here, through this we can talk to our family and friends. Life here is quite different. We will be able to send our photos through social media.

At the moment, we are experimenting with zero-gravity impact on human body. We’ve created a home over here. It will be helpful to the mission of deep space.

Here you can experience a change in your taste. It occurs due to zero gravity because of the massive head or changes in body fluid. But we want to eat spicy food. We have quite a variety of food, including ice-cream.

The human body is capable of staying for an extended time in space. We’re learning a lot with time.

ISS is known as International Space Station. It is a Research Laboratory in space. In this, astronauts of many countries sent for human mission and robotic experiments. In ISS, Astronauts also conducts a study related to Earth Orbit, Asteroids and Mars Mission.

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